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Saamagri was established in the year 2015, as an unorganized proprietorship organization catering to the material needs to perform domestic Hindu Pujas.

‘Saamagri’ is an idea conceptualized & implemented keeping in mind the People’s requirement in terms of handling Hindu Pujas and Festivals with ease and to encourage the mass to continue the rich Puja tradition of this great culture.

Saamagri is blend of Modern Technology and service to facilitate ease of performing Pujas/rituals, celebrating festivals etc., which is the core of the invaluable Hindu Tradition.

We have an exhaustive list items covering each of the Puja conducted by Hindu Communities, for example, Birth Function , Holy Thread Function, Marriage Function, Seemandham Function, 60, 70 & 80 Birthday Functions, All Temple related Puja sets etc.

Based on clients requirement the relevant Puja set is delivered at the door steps of client given address. Special offers and freebies are part of this delivery.

We have adopted step-by-step development approach for this organization. The important steps taken so far are;

  1. We have been informally doing this Saamagri related activities / Business for the past 6 Years, covering close friends, relatives, temples in our locality etc.
  2. Reliable supplier fixed in Chennai and places like Kollimalai for supply for raw materials.
  3. We have created robust database of all the Puja performed by the Hindu Society and related list of raw materials / Puja items for each of the Puja types.
  4. Work initiated to create Saamagri Website and App.
  5. Permanent Office, retail shop & godown is up & running.

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